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Thursday, May 19th

Vendor Load In - 12pm to 5pm
Vendor Chill Time 7pm til
M Bar - Sheraton.

Friday, May 20th

Vendor Load In - 8am to 11:30am
VIP Party @ Nerd Bar - 9:30pm
*Separate Advance Ticket

Main Panel Room:
2:15pm Crowd Funding - Ins and Outs - Kickstarter, etc.
3:15pm Eliza Feliz - Zenoscope Artist and General Super Star
4:15pm Renee Marie - What Up in Cosplay & Fashion
5:15pm Meet the Stars of Nerd Bar Live
6:15pm Karlee Perez - Brains, Brawn & Beauty - Triple Threat

Center Stage:
2:00pm Nerd Trivia Game
3:00pm Fiat Lux Demo
4:00pm Geek Dating Game

Hole in the Wall Theater:
1:00 pm - 5:00pm Kill U Ride Film Fest

Saturday May 21st

Medieval Times XCON Night 8:30pm @ Medieval Times
(XCON Special Price of $30)
10:00pm - Board Walk Costume Walk 10pm - Myrtle Beach Boardwalk
11pm - 2am XCON Meetup at Sr. Frogs Broadway at the Beach

Main Panel Room:
10:15am Shane Moore - Whats up at Babylon Books & Brolo Nation
11:15am Sketch Contest with Guy Ghilcrist
12:15pm Cosplay Contest Pre Judge session 1
1:15pm Cosplay Contest Pre Judge session 2
2:15pm Cosplay Contest Pre Judge session 3
3:15pm FX Makeup Class Starters ($13 Fee) with Face Off Cast
4:45pm Cosplay Contest Final Judging
5:45pm Breaking into Comics - Sanford Greene, Paty Cochram, Richard O'Hara, Emil Koepcke
6:45pm Dr. Bob Boan - "Aliens: Truth and Probability"

Center Stage:
12:00pm Medieval Times DEMO
1:00pm Nerd Trivia Game for Prizes!
2:00pm The HUGE Kids Costume Contest
3:00pm Fiat Lux Demo
5:00pm Geek Dating Game
6:00 PM Cosplay Winners Showcase

Hole in the Wall Theater:
12:00 - 6:00pm Kill U Ride Film Fest

Sunday May 22nd

DOORS CLOSE 5pm (some game events may run late)

Main Panel Room:
11:15am GEEK CHURCH - Pastor Hector Miray (Faith & Fandom)
12:15pm Power Rangers Panel - Michael Copon & Steve Cardenas
1:15pm FX Make Up Class II - ($43) Face Off Cast
2:15pm Kevin Grevioux - Writing Comics & Movie Scripts with Real Science
3:15pm Brain Krause - Charmed Q&A from a White Lighter
4:15pm Face Off Panel moderated by Lolita Bot & Wicked Tailor

Center Stage:
1:00pm Fiat Lux Demo
2:00pm Geek Dating Game
5:00pm Raffles!!!

Hole in the Wall Theater:
1pm - 4pm Kill U Ride Finalists

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